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Example Case #1

Result: Riddle & Williams, P.C. and Charles E. Dorr, P.C. recently recovered $4.742 million for a condominium association ($1.4 million to litigation expenses, attorneys’ fees and court costs).

Nature of Case: A condominium association sued its developer and builder for numerous construction defects, including failure to properly seal penetrations in fire rated walls, floors and ceilings. The defects constituted life-safety issues. The city’s building inspector determined to condemn the entire condominium building containing 86 luxury units if the fire safety defects were not remedied. The owners’ investments of approximately $25 million were at stake. The developer and builder in turn brought third-party claims against the subcontractors. The defendants recognized that if the city condemned the building, then damages would be astronomical. The defendants faced tremendous risk if they failed to contribute adequate money to fund the necessary repairs. Defendants ultimately contributed sufficient funds to repair the life-safety defects and avoid condemnation.

The Client’s Perspective: “When we discovered the life-safety defects, we sought interest from many well-known law firms in the area. Upon reviewing our situation, their opinion was that with new pro-builder regulations, our chances of any type of recovery were slim. From the moment of Mr. Riddle’s involvement, our community was able to seize and maintain the offensive. The result was a complete vindication of our claims: a mediated settlement with enough funding to address all life-safety issues in the building. Our homes and investments were saved.”
Condominium Association Board Member

Example Case #2

Result: Riddle & Williams, P.C. recovered just over $1,000,000 plus additional expenses and costs for structural defects ($175,000 to litigation expenses, attorney’s fees and court costs).

Nature of Case: Two (2) units in a condominium had design and construction defects which qualified as structural instead of cosmetic problems. Although not life-safety issues, resale values could forever be impacted. We were able to negotiate a total made whole settlement for our client.

Example Case #3

Result: Recovered judgment against roofer for $900,000 (less than $30,000 in litigation expenses, attorney’s fees and court costs).

Nature of Case: A condominium engaged a roofer to install new roofing. The roofing contractor failed to install the roof in a good and workmanlike manner and according to the specifications of the work. Roofs began to leak and needed major rehab work to make living units water tight.

** We cannot guarantee the results of any case or litigation, and, specifically, cannot represent that outcomes similar to the representative cases can be achieved in your case or situation. The specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case must be considered.

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