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Our goal is simple — to help protect the value of our clients’ communities. We achieve this goal in a number of ways. First, we aggressively and timely collect delinquent assessments. Without money to maintain the common areas and amenities of our clients’ communities, the value of the homes in that community will soon suffer. We have spent millions of dollars on our online assessment recovery system — ACTS© — to help us and our boards and managers collect from delinquent homeowners. 

We pursue enforcement of our clients’ governing documents where owners have violated the deed restrictions or rules promulgated by the association board. It does not take long to see the differences between those communities who enforce their restrictions and those that do not. Failure to enforce violations is a fast track to financial loss. We hold contractors and builders accountable under their contracts so that our clients receive what has been promised to them. The same holds true for insurance companies and their obligations under their insurance policies. 

Finally, we draft and amend deed restrictions and rules for developers and associations that not only meet federal, state and local requirements but that also makes sense from a practical and enforcement standpoint. A well-written rule is sometimes the only difference between a lawsuit and owner compliance. In those cases where litigation ensues, we vigorously defend and assert our clients’ legal rights. All of these services are provided with a single overriding purpose — to protect the value of the most important assets of your communities — your homes and common area amenities. 



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