Assessment Collection Tracking System ACTS©


Riddle & Williams’ award-winning online Assessment Collection Tracking Systems ACTS© is the legal industry’s first and foremost cloud-based assessment collection tracking and reporting software system. First unveiled in 2002, ACTS© is an innovative, one of a kind software program developed to perform as a seamless and easy platform to communicate real-time delinquent account information by and among our legal team, the management team, and our boards. 

ACTS© allows clients the ability to check the up-to-the-minute status of all collection matters in real time. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Community association managers and association board members have the ability to track our efforts to collect delinquent assessments. 

ACTS© achieves, through an innovative shared and secure client portal, up to date, real-time reporting and outcome-driven results. ACTS© provides the collaborative tool to not only meet, but to exceed, our client’s expectations with regard to the collection of delinquent assessments. 

Voted 20 Most Popular Legal Technology Solutions (CIO Review)

Legal Updates

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Benefits of ACTS©

Here are just a few of the benefits of ACTS©

Customized Workflows and Integrated Mail System

Not all associations are the same and neither are their desired collection processes. ACTS© allows us to customize a collection workflow that best works for you and your association. ACTS© also allows for real-time tracking of certified mail.

Unlimited, Automated and Advanced Status Reports

Continuously updated status reports are available anytime you want them. Even better, ACTS© can send status reports directly to your inbox on the dates you choose, eliminating the need to calendar dates or go online. Of course, you can always login and generate more robust reports depending on what you want to see. 

24/7/365 Real-Time Online Access to All Delinquent Accounts 

Login to ACTS© from your home, office, or even from a board meeting to see the current status of your delinquent accounts and related documents. By having the ability to view all documents online (letters, liens, lawsuits, etc.) you will remain environmentally friendly and eliminate the need for paper collection files. All information, including attorney’s fees and costs, is provided to you in real-time. 

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Proactive Tracking, Calendaring, and Notifications

ACTS© automatically tracks all collection cases and the relevant time periods at each step to avoid unnecessary delays. It also calendars all important dates and events and monitors payment plans. It shows the last action taken on each account and prompts the next collection action as soon as legally possible. If your authorization is needed at any time, ACTS© will send you an e-mail requesting such authorization so that you can keep the account on the fast track to collection with one click of a button. 

Communicate, Collaborate, and Connect with R&W Online

From your location, send us updated information or case notes about your current collection accounts or refer us new accounts without having to call or send separate emails. Your updates will instantly be communicated to the responsible paralegal or attorney via email who will then take action without any need for further involvement on your part. This will enable R&W and our clients to timely exchange reliable and accurate information which is vital to the successful collection of assessments. ACTS© makes you more efficient and saves you time! Moreover, your ability to see the same screens we do allows for a better collaborative effort.