Our Practice Areas

Real Estate Development

Representing developers of residential and commercial properties provides us with the unique opportunity to implement the vision of our client from the very outset of a project. We know, however, that our client’s vision may change over time because of changes in the marketplace or in the tastes of our clients’ buyers. Our philosophy in drafting governing documents for a developer client is to build into the governing documents the flexibility to change that vision as the needs and circumstances of the project change.

Our representation of associations also gives us a unique perspective on drafting documents for developers. We possess insight into the provisions and restrictions that are likely to cause issues as the project matures. Armed with this knowledge, we can suggest ways to minimize the potential exposure of our developer client to liability if a dispute arises. Finally, we have been involved in many transitions from developer to homeowner controlled associations and can help a developer navigate this sometimes mine-laden road.

Our real estate development services include:

  • Community Association Structure and Governance
  • Preparation of Governing Documents
  • Preparation of Builder Agreements
  • Preparation of Sales Contracts
  • Litigation and Association Disputes
  • Declarant Liability and Obligations
  • Board Member Duties and Obligations
  • Creation of the Community Association

Our Mission

Our goal is simple — to help protect the value of our clients’ communities.

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