Assessment Collection Tracking System ACTS©


Our mission is to help our communities, associations, and their owners protect their most valuable asset — their homes. To achieve that goal, we are tenacious, aggressive, passionate, and outcome-driven in advocating and protecting our clients’ legal interests.

That’s why Riddle & Williams was the first law firm in the country to develop and implement an automated, internet-based, assessment collection tracking system (ACTS©) that is accessible to both board members and managers. Our technological advances and systems allow us to manage vast quantities of information and delinquent accounts with speed and efficiency. Since unveiling ACTS© in 2002, we have collected over $5 million annually in delinquent assessments for more than 700 association clients.

In association with Collectronics, we created a system that can:

  • Track hundreds of delinquent accounts at every state of the collection process, without sacrificing accuracy or adding overhead
  • Provide instant and real-time information and reports regarding the status of each delinquent account
  • Process delinquent accounts proactively to expedite the ultimate goal of collecting your assessments

We are excited to share with your management company or Board of Directors our program demonstrating to you how our ACTS© system can enhance your workability, save you time and money, and provide you with a powerful tool managing the legal needs of your associating effectively and efficiently. Contact us today for more information.

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