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We also provide legal services to businesses, both profit and non-profit, and individuals in a wide variety of areas, including real estate, corporate, commercial litigation and insurance litigation. Under the close supervision of our Shareholder, Dean Riddle, our litigation team at Riddle & Williams, P.C. has maintained a successful litigative history through three effective means including extensive awareness of current legal issues, a strong and current understanding of the law and thorough examination of our client’s matter.

Working closely with our clients collaboratively to understand the issues brought forth, our team will provide you with strong and dedicated counsel who will take a fearless stance and provide results. Please contact us today for a consultation on your matter. 

Just a Few of Our Cases that made a Difference for Our Clients.

Representative Judgements and Settlements**

  • Association Property Damage
  • Bad Faith Insurance Practices
  • Construction Defect
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Sale Condominium
  • Toxic Tort
  • Unapproved Alterations
  • Wrongful Death Case

**We cannot guarantee the results of any case or litigation, and, specifically, cannot represent that outcomes similar to the representative cases can be achieved in your case or situation. The specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case must be considered. 

Our Mission

Our goal is simple — to help protect the value of our clients’ communities.

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Representative Judgments And Settlements

Construction Defects

Result: $5 million recovered for a condominium association for construction defects.

Result: $4.5 million recovered from a developer for repairs to a lake and dam that failed.

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Result: $3 million recovered for a condominium association for defective design/construction and for deceptive trade practices.

Result: Developer forced to perform $1.5 million in repairs to condominium building and reimburse association its legal fees.

Result: Over $1 million recovered for two condominium owners for design/structural defects.

Result: Over $1 million recovered for property owners association for defective lake walls and retaining walls.

Result: Over $1 million recovered for condominium association for design/construction issues on less than $50,000 in attorney’s fees billed.

Result: Over $500,000.00 recovered from a developer that failed to deliver greenbelts in attractive condition.

Result: Settlement exceeding $150,000.00 for defects in the association’s common areas.

Result: Recovered more than $100,000.00 from a developer to cure defects in the common areas.

Result: Confidential recovery from the developer to pay for repairs and replacement of an extensive irrigation system, as well as sod replacement for expansive common areas.

Numerous additional confidential settlements amounting to the recovery of additional millions of dollars for clients.

Business Litigation And Contract Disputes

Result: $5.2 million recovery obtained against national corporation for breach of contract and deceptive trade practices.

Result: $650,000.00 negotiated settlement payment for developer client for breach of contract.

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Result: $120,000.00 recovered from a developer arising out of improper accounting and expenditures of association funds.

Result: Developer forced to relinquish control over condominium association and convey ownership of office units valued at over $500,000 to association.

Defending The Association And Its Board Of Directors

Result: Obtained verdict that association and its directors not liable for breach of fiduciary duty arising out of deal made with installer of communications tower. Affirmed on appeal.

Result: Obtained complete dismissal of a group of owners’ claims for damage to property value and marketability arising out of the placement of a cell tower next to association property.

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Result: Association successfully defended against a claim by an owner for personal injury sustained in a fall at an owners’ meeting that resulted from a physical struggle with Board President. Trial court awarded a take nothing judgment in favor of the association.

Result: Judgment for defendant condominium association and award for its legal fees in claims brought by owner for failure to maintain common elements. Owner brought a suit against condominium association alleging that the association had failed to maintain the common elements.

Result: Successfully settled $300,000 claim by tenant against condominium association alleging stolen property for payment of no money by association.

Result: Successfully defended condominium association against claims by the developer challenging the authority of the homeowner board to operate and involving the parameters of what could be developed on vacant land in the community. Settlement resulted in payment to each homeowner of $4,000, right to use neighboring recreational facilities and enforcement of the original plan of development.

Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Result: $710,000.00 recovery from insurance carrier for hail damage after carrier denied coverage.

Result: $500,000.00 recovery from insurance company for condominium association for foundation problems.

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Result: $325,000 + recovery for condominium association for water damage claim after carrier denied coverage.

Result: $250,000.00 recovery from insurance carrier for damage to fire alarm system after claim denied.

Result: Recovery valued at more than $250,000.00 from an insurance carrier who denied coverage of a mold claim.

Management Company Misconduct

Result: Recovered over $200,000.00 stolen by management company. Condominium association discovered that its manager was stealing association funds. In addition to filing suit against the management company, the firm pursued claims against the banks and insurance carriers. Association recovered the stolen funds plus its legal fees.

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Result: Six figure sum recovered from management company for breach of its contractual duties to community.

Result: $125,000.00 recovery from management company for deceptive trade practices and false advertising.

Covenant Enforcement

Result:  A permanent injunction was granted in favor of homeowners association ordering owner to remove more than fifteen alterations placed on the lot and home without prior approval of the architectural control committee.  Additionally, the court awarded the association $70,800.00 in civil penalties against the defendant, as well as all its attorney’s fees and costs.

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Result: Obtained judgment enforcing $200,000 special assessment for repairs to condominium and recovered 100% of the condominium association’s attorneys’ fees. Affirmed on appeal.

Result: Obtained verdict ordering two group home businesses to stop operating in residential community.

Result: Successfully settled case to stop operation of transitional living facility for homeless individuals from operating in residential community.

Result: Called in 45 days before trial (the case had been pending for 18 months), successfully settled claim to remove problem dog from community before trial.

Result: Successfully certified a class action to prevent secession of group of owners from community, which would have resulted in loss of significant assessments to property owners association.

Toxic Tort

Result: $500,000.00 recovery on behalf of an office building for contamination.

Fair Housing Complaints

Result: Our firm has successfully defended hundreds of fair housing complaints filed by owners and tenants under both the Federal and State Fair Housing Acts.

Wrongful Death Case Against Management Company Dismissed

Result: Obtained the dismissal of a wrongful death case against an association’s management company.

Employment Discrimination

Result: A high, six-figure confidential settlement obtained on behalf of a female employee harassed in the workplace by her immediate supervisor.

Riddle & Williams attorneys have obtained substantial awards for clients through litigation. Each claim, however, is unique. The firm cannot guarantee the results of any case or litigation and, specifically, cannot represent that outcomes similar to the representative cases can be achieved in your case or circumstances. The specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case must be considered.



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